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My Mother worked in the industrial Glass industry specializing in Plate and Auto Glass manufacturing. My father was a renowned Stained glass maker and ground breaking glass artist in contemporary Glass Sculptures. As a young boy, until I began showing work on my own, I worked as an apprentice for my father, learning traditional styles of art glass as well as new techniques such as blasting, slumping, lamenting, chipping and fusing.

I began showing work in contemporary art galleries while studying art at the university of louisville and Columbia College in Chicago in the late nineties before graduating from Berea College in 2015. 
By the early 2000's I had a fairly good name for my self  for my sculptures blending glass and photography. I also gained recognition with new form I created using etched glass to project images on the areas around the sculptures by manipulating the shadows. During this time I was the first invited artist in residence at the Guggenheim in Venice Italy, as well as artist in residence for the Bernheim Arboretum, The Brown Hotel, Louisville Free Public Library, as well as others.

The majority of my work is with recycled and re-used glass. Not having much of a budget most of the time, necessity has pushed me to create new and alternative styles using discarded glass in order to be able to make my work.

In 2011 my work was included in Cindy Ann Coldiron's anthology of glass artists called 'Sculpture And Design With Recycled Glass' (Schiffer Publishing LTD).

I have shown in many galleries and museums in louisville including Gallerie Hertz, Swanson and Reed gallery, The Speed Museum, and the Water Tower museum, Zephyr Gallery, as well in New York, and Europe.
For many years I co-curated the alternative art galleries 953 Gallery in louisville Kentucky, and the Asterisk Gallery in Brooklyn New York.

Eyesight Series                                                                                     Louisville, KY 2018
Craft(s) Gallery

Artist In Residence                                                                                 Louisville, KY 2018
Louisville Free Public Library

Female forms in glass                                                                           Louisville, KY 2012
Zephyr Art Gallery

New Albany Indiana Bicentennial public sculpture project      New Albany IN, 2010      
public glass sculpture installation 

Retrospective for the 40th Anniversary of the Glass Art Society New Albany IN, 2010
Twist of the Wrist art show at the Arctic Ice Building                         Louisville, KY 2009
Cover story for LEO Weekly

One-man show at the Swanson Reed Gallery                                       Louisville, KY 2007

Art Director of Asterisk Art Gallery                                           Brooklyn, NY  2004-2005

New sculptures one man show at Asterisk Art Gallery                              Brooklyn, NY  2004

One-man show at the Swanson Reed Gallery                                      Louisville, KY  2004

Artist in Residence, Brown Hotel                                                        Louisville, KY  2004

Gallapolooza Sculpture                                                                       Louisville KY 2004

'Other Bodies' Portrait exhibition Speed Art Museum                       Louisville Ky 2003

Artist in Residence, Bernheim Forest                                                Bardstown, KY  2003

One-man show at Zephyr Gallery                                                        Louisville, KY  2003

Recipient of the Early Times Grant                                                                              2002

Artist in Residence, Peggy Guggenheim Museum                                Venice, Italy  2002
-First invited for artist in residence at the Guggenheim

Group show at Gallery Hertz                                                               Louisville, KY  2001

Art Director, 953 Gallery                                                           Louisville, KY  1999-2002

Assistant Student Director, University of Louisville Gallery    Louisville KY, 1996-1999