I was lucky to get help from John King when I had to quickly change my business name and logo after leaving a franchise. I couldn't be happier with the results. I've worked with three designers before, and dreaded working with another, because I know the difficulty translating an idea into a logo. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it went with John - he immediately picked up on what I was going for, and had a handful of workable designs within a week. After making minimal changes to my favorite one, he had all my files ready within days and I had updated print materials and web files weeks ahead of schedule. I was relieved to have someone so reliable, speedy and responsive in a time sensitive situation, and he is the only designer I will be working with in the future. I highly recommend him to anyone needing good, solid graphic work. It is truly a pleasure working with him.

-Kate/Bed-Stuy Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

       John’s expertise in both the local music scene, as well as coordinating live events was invaluable. John was a pleasure to work with and a true asset.

-Rachel Smith Regional Programming Supervisor/Louisville Free Public Library